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3 Things You Need to Fix Now That Google+ Has Been Shut Down - Trailblazers Connect
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We’re a bit late bringing you this April 2019 news, but that’s because we just heard about it ourselves. Tells ya something about it that we missed it completely even though we use a LOT of Google apps.

Google+ logo with dead eyes and tongue hanging outSo What Happened to Google+ Anyway?

We hope you’re sitting down. Google finally pulled the plug on their wanna-be social media platform Google+. Literally every Google+ profile has been deactivated, including all the associated photos and posts.

For years, Google has been forcing us to create Google+ profiles which were connected, in one way or another, to other Google apps like Blogger, Photos, Hangouts, Gmail, and YouTube. So even if you never knew you were using Google+ you actually WERE probably using Google+ quite a bit. Google…those sneaky bastards!

R.I.P. and Good Riddance to Google+

In 2015, Google boasted an impressive 540 million “monthly active users.” But a lot of us didn’t even realize we were counted among them! No biggie. What did we care if Google claimed we were “active” on a social media platform we didn’t know about, or didn’t care about, or ,in the case of many business owners, resented and dreaded because it was just One More Platform we had to figure out and make time to populate with posts and photos so we wouldn’t miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when the game-changing biz guru saw us as worth throwing tons of investment money at or wanted to order 100 warehouses of our stuff.

Maybe we’re letting our real feelings come through a little too much? Nah. Our bet is you can relate.

Anyway, it’s dead now, so why should you care?

Three Things You Should Check Now That Google+ Is Shut Down

Because shit is broken now. . . and YOU have to go fix it.

Lost Photos

First, if you had uploaded photos to your Google+ account and thought they’d sit there for as long as most plastic will sit in our landfills, please be advised those photos are gone-baby-gone, so if you need to find copies of them, better to look for them now rather than later.

Forgotten Connections

Second, if you had created circles with key associates, you should probably look for them on LinkedIn and make sure you have a connection there, because bye-bye-circles.

Google+ is no longer available screenshot (1)Broken Web Links

Third, which is how we discovered the death, is that if you have social media icons and links for Google+ on your website, take them down and check your site for broken links, because broken links are a big no-no when you want your site to be indexed by Google, yet Google may very well have created broken links on your site. We’re not mad at Google. A little annoyed maybe. And perhaps for no reason, as our Google+ profile URLs may smoothly and happily be redirected by Google. We don’t know yet until we check everything out.

But we know we found THIS screen when we visited a buddy’s website and clicked on the Google+ icon. WTAF, Google. Why is this message directed to the profile owner when the people most likely to see it are customers and potential customers? Thanks for nothin’.

If you’re curious about the topic at all, seriously, go to Wilkipedia. The info on the Google+ page is very well cited. When you see how much information there is about the platform most of us didn’t really use, we think you’ll be as surprised as we were.

Google+ was like the eccentric cousin three times removed, the hoarder [of user info and connections], the relative we barely tolerated at family reunions, and in an attempt to contact them, learned of the [too-long-delayed-Kevorkianesque] death.We were Googling our own Google+ URL when we learned Google had killed Google+. No one should learn of a passing in such an impersonal way. Good thing we didn’t like this cousin much from the get-go.

By the way, what at first looked like a hit, presumably as punishment for a data breach, was actually a mercy killing of an already mostly dead platform where users spent an average of 5.5 seconds per visit.woman looking longingly through window

Big big ups to The Verge, who impressively bested Google at its own game, ranking 3rd in search results right after a couple of irrelevant Google help pages as we Googled Google+. Read their article for more info.

Farewell, Google+. . .We hardly knew ye.