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FAQs - Trailblazers Connect
CALL TODAY AND ASK ABOUT MEMBERSHIP 714-617-2240 info@trailblazersconnect.com

Is this group all about cannabis?

Nope! This is NOT a cannabis-focused group, but in addition to the typical mainstream professionals you would expect to be at a business networking event, you’ll likely meet licensed cannabis professionals and folks pursuing licenses. But it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, want to work with everyone, or just a few targeted clients, you are welcome here. Believe it or not, you just show up as you are.

Is this an advocacy group?

Trailblazers Connect is NOT an advocacy group of any kind. Well, we advocate for small business owners doing things the right way and learning best business practices and rubbing shoulders with successful professionals and getting more clients and making more money. Dang. I guess we ARE an advocacy group.

My cannabusiness doesn't have licensing in place. Can I join?

Absolutely! Think of the connections you could make, not to mention the best business practices you will learn. As long as you are working toward becoming a legal cannabusiness, you are welcome here and we hope you’ll become part of your local commerce community.

My state/country doesn't allow adult use marijuana. Should I join?

Yep, you should. Make connections with people in other states who are a few steps ahead and look for folks who will support you, mentor you, and guide you. It’s exciting to think of what you could learn by reaching out to other Trailblazers you’ve never met but who are blazing the way for you to follow soon!

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

You should check with your CPA, of course, but we expect you’ll find that 100% of your membership fee is tax deductible as a business marketing expense.

What if I don't have anything to sell to a cannabusiness?

We are a professional networking organization that is ACCEPTING of members who are in the cannabis industry, but those businesses are no more or less important than all the others. Our focus is on connecting professionals and small businesses so you can succeed. Don’t worry about whether the people in the room are your customers. Look at them as colleagues and connectors instead.

I'm not licensed. Do I have to complete my public profile? Isn't that risky?

You’ll have to make your own decisions about how you present yourself on your public profile page, and we really can’t give you advice about this. We require that all information on your profile be accurate, but that doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts. Perhaps you can call yourself an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur. Or simply state you are seeking assistance acquiring a particular license in a particular area. Or say you’re looking for investors. We’re happy to help you tell the truth in ways that make you comfortable, but we recommend you seek legal counsel about this. Obviously we can’t guarantee things won’t come back to bite you. We wish we could, dang it.

After I pay my membership fee, will I get hit with other hidden expenses?

No way. We hate that crap as much as you do! Regular monthly meetings and mixers in your area are FREE with your membership, including the food or drink that is included with the ticket. Unlike other networking groups and chambers of commerce, we don’t make you pull out a credit card every time you come to a meeting.

Really? There are NO additional fees?

Not the way you’re thinking. However, there ARE times you may WANT to spend a little extra, for example, for certain promotional opportunities at an event, or if we hold a mixer someplace super fancy, even members may have to throw in a couple extra bucks.

Classes and educational events will have small fees attached, but they’re totally optional, of course.

The only other time you may have to pay something extra is if you want totally unlimited access to meetings and events in your area and beyond. If you or your other members cover large territories or travel a lot, we will work out a custom membership for you so you and your folks don’t have to worry about meeting fees. That gets so annoying, doesn’t it?

What's the attendance policy?

Hahaha! Attendance policy? There is none! You’re a grown up, so come to the meetings you want to, and skip the ones you need to. Don’t worry about it. Just remember that building relationships of trust takes time, so the more others see you around, the better it is for your business. 

Are the groups limited to one person per professional category?

Nope. Our philosophy is about collaboration and cooperation, NOT about competition. We think it’s great for you to know people who do what you do. There’s plenty of business to go around.

That having been said, as groups/chapters grow, if we see there’s an imbalance of too many of some professions and not enough of others, we will step in to create new chapters nearby and will encourage folks to support the new group and invite new people. In fact, let us know if you see one or two professions dominating a chapter and we’ll help out ASAP.

What's so special about having a business profile on the Trailblazers Connect website?

There are so many reasons to have a complete member profile! The short answer is twofold. First, member profiles on Trailblazers Connect kick the sorry asses of the profiles you get on other association and professional sites. They include more information, photos, video, backlinks, contact form, and more. All of this is designed to drive business back to YOU, whether you want visitors to call you or email you or go right to your online store and spend a boatload of money there, your profile can help you get more business.

The second awesome thing about your profile is that it is an SEO monster. In simple terms, it may attract visitors who are doing a google search for exactly what you offer, and it may even get more visitors than your website! As more members create their profiles, and as more members submit blog posts, the Trailblazers Connect site will grow, and the frequency of key words will become more and more numerous, and your one-page profile and your blog articles will be part of a site that will act like a funnel for new business. We’re excited about this! You don’t have to understand SEO yourself. Just trust that we’re on it and working like dogs to make sure you get traffic ASAP!


This page is constantly growing. If YOU have a question about something, odds are pretty dang high other people have the same question. So send your queries to info@trailblazersconnection.com. We will answer your question privately, but it might prompt us to answer it here as well. In that case, we thank you!