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Build Your Kick Ass Cannabis Brand, Step 1 (VIDEO) - Trailblazers Connect
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“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. . . .

A brand used to be something else. It used to be a logo or a design or a wrapper. Today, that’s a shadow of the brand, something that might mark the brand’s existence. . . .

Design is essential but design is not brand.
~Business Guru Seth Godin in his December 13, 2009 blog post

 We highly recommend you click the link above and read his entire definition, and then watch the video. Or watch the video and then read his stuff. Either way, get this idea firmly planted in your mind and you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of the game!

You’re excited about building your brand, right? Of course you are!

But before you focus on the perfect name, the perfect logo, and the perfect packaging, spend 3 minutes here first. More than likely you’re using the word “brand” incorrectly. This is NOT a grammar lesson. It IS a lesson to make sure you put your time, money, and resources where they belong, and in the right order.

First things first. Understand your brand, then plan your brand, then execute your brand. Watch on, Trailblazers!

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Use this list of time codes to find specific points we feel are most important You may want to fast forward to some of them if you’re in a hurry, but if you do, we hope you’ll watch the whole video, of course, because context certainly helps!

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00:11 – Easy definition of sales

00:22 – Easy definition of marketing

00:56 – “Visual identity” explained

01:27 – Your brand isn’t what you think it is

01:56 – Example: McDonalds and the golden arches

02:24 – Surprise! The arches don’t make the brand!

Hey hey! It’s Raye with Trailblazers Connect and I’m going to give you a super quick and dirty lesson on sales, marketing, and brand and what the differences are. 

First SALES. Sales is an interaction and a transaction where money changes hands for product or service. 

MARKETING is everything that happens up to the sales interaction and transaction. It’s everything that makes customers come to you to find out more about what you sell to see if they want to buy it… and/or it’s everything that makes a customer agree to a conversation with a salesperson. 

Now, marketing includes everything you think it includes–from printed materials and billboards and radio spots and websites and everything, and it ALSO includes something that you might not think of which is your “visual identity.”

So now we’re talking about is what does your logo look like, what colors are associated with your marketing materials, what font or type style is used, do your business cards look the same as your website and look the same as your printed materials, tradeshow booth, etc. Right? Is there some kind of cohesiveness?

That’s “brand identity” or “visual branding” which is very very different from brand.

BRAND (it may surprise you to hear this) but brand is what other people think about your company and what they expect from you. I’ll say it again because I know that you don’t believe me! Go ahead and Google it but make sure you read explanations from people who know what they’re talking about.

Okay. Brand is what other people think about your company and what they have come to expect from you. 

So when you think of the golden arches and you think that’s McDonald’s brand…. I just want to remind you (it should make sense now) the arches aren’t the brand! 

The brand is what we expect from McDonald’s and what we expect is quick, cheap food that tastes the same no matter which restaurant we show up to. 

So when we see the golden arches we know that we can expect the same experience that we have grown to expect from McDonald’s.

The arches don’t make the brand. The arches represent the brand.

Make sense? There’s a lot more for me to teach you about this but I think if we start right there that’s a pretty good place to start. And it’s a pretty good place to end for now.

So if this was helpful and you like what you just heard, please share, leave a comment, like this video, and subscribe for more!

In the meantime, until I see you again–hopefully right here on Trailblazers Connect– I hope that you will keep making good choices, I hope you will keep blazing your own trail, keep being an innovator, a pioneer, and a risk-taker! And I will see you soon.