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Big Benefits - Trailblazers Connect
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Better Networking & Big Benefits

Trailblazers Connect – The Global Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.”
-Robert Kiyosaki-

If you think you’ve seen it all, allow yourself to be surprised!

At first glance, you might miss what’s special about us. True, we didn’t exactly invent mixers and meetings and member directories. But what we’ve done with the elements of traditional networking IS truly inventive!

Trailblazers Connect Is Where MJ Meets Mainstream


  • We welcome mainstream and traditional businesses
  • We welcome licensed cannabis, CBD, hemp, and related businesses
  • We welcome businesses pursuing a license, even in states where you are waiting for changes in legislation
  • We support cooperation between and among businesses, elected officials, and the greater community
  • We don’t get involved in politics or legislation (which means up to 100% of your membership could be tax deductible)
  • Oh…and we’re not stuck up or stuffy!

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections.”
-Richard Branson-

What’s Different About Our Face-to-Face Meetings?

They Are Thoughtfully Designed to Help You Truly Connect

Sure, you can find lots of cannabis events, and lots of professional networking meetings.
But our approach is different from all of them. We love consistent relationship building AND meeting new people. Our discussion meetings are perfect for doing both. You really have to experience it yourself!

  • No mega-mixers
  • Gatherings are frequent
  • Meetings are kept small and intimate
  • Agendas are simple and thoughtfully structured
  • Discussion is no-pressure yet focused and productive
  • Topics cover business success methods applicable across industries
  • Members are open-minded, cooperative people from a wide range of professions and industries

“Your network is the people who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that’s really powerful.”
-Reid Hoffman-


Your Online Profile Is Not Just a Page in a Directory.

It’s More Like a Mini-Website!

Built to Be Found By Google and to Collect Leads.

And if you’re like everyone else, keeping your website updated with fresh content isn’t exactly a priority…and neither is reading up on the latest in Search Engine Optimization. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got your online marketing handled with The Absolutely Best-Anywhere Profile. Show off your company with photos, video, testimonials, and more! (not all features available at all membership levels)

What sets ours apart from the rest? We designed your profile for YOUR biz.

  • Room for TONS of info–it’s practically a mini-website!
  • Visually exciting with your logo, photos, and video
  • Built-in contact form to catch leads right away
  • Designed to be found by Google and other search engines
  • Free of distractions and ads
  • Built to drive leads to you–NOT back to us or to other members
  • Much more robust yet so much less expensive than everything else out there

Your Profile + Your Articles on Our Blog = Major Dynamic Online Presence

Show off your expertise, case studies, new products, or whatever else educates or inspires. Readers could become new customers, partners, investors, and cheerleaders for your biz! And for SEO, this is MAJOR! You’ll create backlinks to your website which can drive new leads. (The invitation to contribute original material to our blog is extended only to Gold and Platinum members. 

Fill Your Profile With All This Good Stuff!

  • Contact info
  • Description of services
  • Headquarters
  • Area(s) Served
  • Licensing info
  • Social media links
  • Year Founded
  • Founder Names
  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Brand videos
  • Team member info
    ->name & title
    ->email & phone
    ->social media links
  • Testimonials
  • Top client types
  • Top products & services
  • Top referral partner types
  • Unique “Brag Box” to showcase awards, case studies, etc.
  • Contact form to collect leads
  • Company logo

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Did you know people are more likely to buy from you when they know
you belong to a chamber of commerce?

It’s true! Consumers are actually more likely to buy from you, think favorably of you, and support your business when they know you belong to your chamber of commerce! That’s right. So show off your membership with a logo on your website, a sign in your storefront, and tell everyone on Facebook and Instagram when you head out to a meeting. Let people know you’re involved, and you’ll get a boost in your reputation as an ethical professional, an investor in your local business community, and a pioneer in the global economy. 

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
-Jim Rohn-

Spend More Time With Better People When You Join Us at Trailblazers Connect!

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