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About - Trailblazers Connect
CALL TODAY AND ASK ABOUT MEMBERSHIP 714-617-2240 info@trailblazersconnect.com

Trailblazers Connect is THE Global Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. We are fully dedicated to one thing: providing quality networking and educational opportunities for professionals in BOTH the cannabis industry AND mainstream industries. How? Through frequent face-to-face relationship building at local events AND online networking and marketing through the Trailblazers Connect website. We are the first organization to provide these opportunities NOT as an afterthought to another product or service but as our one and only focus and purpose–to bring business owners together for greater profit.


Savvy business owners know the key to more profit is more customers, and the key to more customers is more connections–of all kinds.

The “typical” business owner has countless opportunities to network with their peers in every industry.

If you’re a cannabusiness, you ARE a business! Right?

But you’re still being shut out of traditional networking groups, and that means you’re being shut out of important opportunities and relationships.

Murky legislation and licensing fiascos aside, if you live in a state where the voters have given cannabis the thumbs up, you deserve the same opportunities as any other business.

Believe or not, there are thousands of “mainstream” professionals in your local area alone with specialized expertise who would love to work with you.

And if you’re a “traditional” business, you’re probably a little unsure about whether you want to work with a cannabusiness. And even if you want to work with them, how do you even meet them?

There’s a lot of good that can come of the intersection between mainstream professionals and cannabis professionals.

You’ve just never had the chance to meet each other!

Joining Trailblazers Connect, The Global Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, shows that you’re a serious professional.

But not only that. You also show a commitment to ethical business practices and to strengthening your local economy.

Trailblazers Connect members enjoy a shared reputation of being ethical entrepreneurs, valuable contributors to the economy, and caring and community-minded citizens.

Belonging to a Chamber of Commerce is a sign to everyone that you’re serious about collaboration and partnerships.

You’re not all about getting. You also give when and where you can.

As a visible and active part of the Global Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, your ability to influence local leaders will be enhanced.

Your access to valuable connections throughout the network will help your business thrive.

Through education, professional development, casual mixers, and other face-to-face events, your network will grow.

And YOU will grow as a person as you become a stronger networker and entrepreneur.


A quick note to the mainstream professional:

You don’t have to use marijuana yourself to provide a service to a cannabusiness. In fact, voting yes or no to legalize recreational/adult-use marijuana in your state is your private decision and you don’t have to share it with anybody.

All you have to do is want to see ALL businesses operate within the law, and hire specialists to do what they don’t have the knowledge to do themselves.

When you provide your service and expertise to a cannabusiness and you do so professionally and ethically, you are helping a unique group of cannabis entrepreneurs–those who WANT to operate within the law and who WANT to show local government they are ready and willing to be treated like a “real” business…because they ARE a real business!