The Benefits of Trailblazers Connect Membership

There are sooooo many benefits of membership, you might get tired before you get to the end of the list!
Get the general idea below, then grab an energy drink and click over to compare complete details and pricing.
BTW, join now to take advantage of cool perks (like free event tickets every month) that won’t be guaranteed in the near future.

Build Relationships Face to Face

⇒ Network face-to-face with open-minded, ethical professionals of all types MONTHLY

⇒ Attend events for passing referrals, socializing, education and more

⇒ Promote your business through members-only marketing opportunities

Connect and Promote Online

⇒ Be visible to partners and customers all over the world with a robust profile page built to be found on Google

⇒ Offer member-to-member deals (we want YOU to get the business, NOT “preferred partners”)Attend events for passing referrals, socializing, education and more

⇒ Publish your articles on our blog to establish expertise, create backlinks for SEO, and get more leadsPromote your business through members-only marketing opportunities

This is one investment in your business you’ll never regret…unique events, big value!

Without the Rules and Worries You Get With the Other Guys

⇒ No strict attendance policies AND no limit to how many events you can attend

⇒ No required training classes or other hidden expectations and fees

⇒ No uptight rules about the kinds of personalities that “fit” in the group–there’s room for everyone

Who Can Join? Anyone Part of the Commerce Community

⇒All “mainstream” professionals from lawyers to contractors, web designers to architects, B2B, B2C, whether or not you target the cannabis industry

⇒ Licensed Cannabusinesses, License Pursuers and LIcense Hopefuls, ancillary businesses, cultivators, distributors, retailers, etc.

⇒ We also welcome students, politicians, health care providers, advocacy groups, churches, associations, etc.